CPM Magnacut steel

7th Jan 2023

What the metallurgist and MagnaCut creator Dr Larrin Thomas says:-

CPM MagnaCut is the result of my passion for knives and steel. I used a new approach to stainless tool steel design to eliminate chromium carbides from the microstructure. This led to a combination of properties which is better than previous stainless knife steels, and has similar toughness and edge retention to non-stainless steels like CPM-CruWear, CPM-4V, and Vanadis 4 Extra. The corrosion resistance was also excellent, even better than I was expecting, which means that the hardness-corrosion resistance balance of MagnaCut is very impressive, with achievable hardness being 64+ Rc and corrosion resistance being even better than steels like S110V, S45VN, and M390. The recommended heat treatment is 2050°F austenitize and 350°F temper, and a cold treatment after the quench means somewhat higher hardness.

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CPM MagnaCut steel, specially designed and developed for knifemaking.

CPM MagnaCut is a stainless steel manufactured by Crucible Industries, an American company renowned for its expertise in special steels. This very special grade has been developed specifically for the cutlery industry, and to meet the needs of the most demanding cutlers.

A technical grade specially designed for demanding knifemakers.

CPM MagnaCut is a stainless steel manufactured by powder metallurgy, which guarantees a fineness and purity incomparable with those of more "conventional" steels. Its composition was elaborated by Larrin Thomas, a doctor in metallurgy, well known to English-speaking knifemakers: it is indeed his very advanced studies that feed the Knife Steel Nerds blog, a reference for amateurs. Larrin Thomas wanted to develop a steel that could meet all the requirements of the knifemaker. CPM MagnaCut will meet the expectations of the most demanding, as it combines so many qualities:

  • Its toughness/edge retention ratio is exceptional
  • It is extremely resistant to corrosion
  • Fine structure, high purity
  • High hardnesses allowed according to the heat treatment conducted

CPM MagnaCut, for all types of high-end knives.

Due to its many technical qualities, CPM MagnaCut is suitable for all types of knife blades, hunting, outdoor or folding. It will be particularly interesting for the realization of blades where the cutting edge must be fine and stable, like Japanese kitchen knives.

CPM MagnaCut, extremely corrosion resistant.

The composition of CPM MagnaCut steel makes it extremely resistant to corrosion. Thus, Spyderco, a famous American knife manufacturer, has chosen this unique grade to manufacture the Native 5 Salt, a knife that is part of the Salt Series : these knives are designed for marine use, in salt water.

Is MagnaCut a good steel?

Yes. It is one of the best all-around knife steels out there. Thanks to some clever composition and manufacturing, it has a fine microstructure that makes sharpening more manageable than other steels of similar wear resistance. These great features make MagnaCut a great choice for small folders, big choppers, kitchen knives, and everything in between!

Is Magnacut better than other steels?

Magnacut steel is not necessarily better than other types of steel. It does offer superior corrosion resistance and strength, but it is not necessarily a better material for all applications. It is best to evaluate the specific requirements of the application before deciding which type of steel is best for the job.