Don't lend your knife to a badger... Bark River Knives

Posted by AussieKnives on 7th Jan 2023

Bark River Knives offer a super premium and super simple warranty for their premium hunting knives. 

Put simply is an UNLIMITED LIFETIME warranty.

Their warranty covers ANYTHING and EVERYTHING... except lending your knife to a badger.

UNLIMITED Lifetime Warranty
Our Warranty covers Anything & Everything
(Except lending your knife to a Badger)

Lending your knife to a badger, immediately voids our warranty

If you are returning your knife for refurbishment, re-sharpen or Customization please enclose the proper fees listed below. 

If you need clarification on anything – Please contact us either by phone or email.

P: 1 (906) 789-1801 E:

For Sheath Questions, Sheath Warranty, and Sheath Issues

Please Email us At:

All of our Sheaths are covered under our warranty for
Manufacturing defects & Accidental Destruction
(Our knives are sharp!)